1:1 WEIRD Coaching in Person

 METhis takes place at my home on Dartmoor which is picturesque and relaxing. In the warm months we can sit in my garden with a cool drink and a view of the moor and in the colder months you will have a seat by cheery log fire. I will focus solely on you and what you need to do in order to create a life you love!

None of that is weird but my questioning technique is.  Many of the questions I ask are specifically designed not to include any assumptions or directions from me in order to ensure that your answers are exactly that…YOUR answers!

I want you to be sure that coaching from me is what you want and therefore your first coaching session is free.

One-to-one coaching in person consists of ninety minutes of coaching at my home just outside Tavistock in Devon.

After the first free session my fee is £80 per ninety minutes for pay as you go,

or £210.00 for a block of 3 ninety minute sessions (a saving of £30).

or £400.00 for a block of 6 ninety minute sessions (a saving of £80).


If you opt for pay as you go, each session you attend will comprise of a session as described below in the order outlined.

The block of 3 sessions is designed to enable you to:

1. Take control of your thoughts and create a more positive outlook.  So less disagreements and daily irritations and more assertiveness and motivation.

2. Take control of your feelings so that you are not riding on that emotional roller-coaster every day.

3. Create your own personal template that relates your new skills to particular areas of YOUR life so you can keep APPLYING them to your life.

The block of 6 sessions is designed to enable you to do all 3 of the above, plus:

4.Find out what is blocking your personal growth.

5. Find out where your opportunities in your personal and work life lie.

6. Create your own personal template for keeping you on track after your coaching sessions.

Email me at lauren@perceptionanxiety.com to find out more 🙂