1:1 Online WEIRD Coaching

If you have stumbled across my website by accident or have found me via one of my Facebook pages or groups then hello…welcome to my Weird Coaching!  It’s weird…I’m not weird…well…maybe I am a little 🙂

If you keep trying and failing to make your life work in whatever way is right for you then the fact that you are here right now is amazingly fortuitous!

You see, the chances are, the reason you have not made it work yet is because of these two things:

1. You are not clear on what you really want.

2. You are not clear on the obstacles in your way.

So the very first thing you can do to remedy this is accept my offer of a free ‘REVEAL YOUR OBSTACLES’ coaching call.  It’s 30 minutes of your time on a video call with me where I will guide you to finding the conditions you need to fulfil in order to achieve your goal.  We will work through one of these conditions so that you can tick one off your list and see how easy it is to do.











If you love this session as much as I hope and would like to make further progress please contact me at lauren@perceptionanxiety.com and we can arrange a time for a coaching session.

Recently I have shifted my approach to my fees to be more in alignment with who I am.  You can buy a session for £50.00 and each session lasts up to 60 minutes long.  In addition I send you your coaching notes from our time together for you to refer to <3