Negative thoughts are insidious little blighters because they make themselves FEEL like YOU.

And because they FEEL like YOU, much of the time, you believe these thoughts to be correct.

The woman in the checkout didn’t laugh at my joke because I asked for plastic bags and she’s judging me for not trying to save the planet!

My partner didn’t offer to make me coffee because s/he doesn’t love me!

My boss didn’t smile at me because I left work early yesterday!

They’re talking about me because of what I said in the staff-room this morning!

That woman is staring at me…I knew I shouldn’t have worn this lipstick!

Most of the time it is the FEELING we are aware of first.  That HORRIBLE shrinking FEELING that makes you wish the ground would swallow you up.  Your brain then goes on a search for evidence for the feeling and BINGO the thought is BORN!

NOW, there are lots of things you can do about this but most of them take YEARS and YEARS of practise…SO just BAN THEM!

When you find a NEGATIVE THOUGHT in your brain, SLAM the door SHUT on it!

WHY? Because if you don’t it will EAT AWAY at your relationships with your LOVED-ONES and your relationship with MONEY.

BELIEVE ME! I am LIVING PROOF.  Negative thoughts are part of my daily life.  I am now very adept at BANNING them from my mind but my life would have been much more productive and enjoyable if I had learned this skill years ago!

SO let me show you how to BAN NEGATIVE THINKING!

HERE are 4 POSITIVE things that will get you onto The Ban Negative Thinking Pathway TODAY!

  1. Read…The Ban Negative Thinking Pathway.  It will help you identify the negative thoughts you didn’t know you had!  Click on the image to gain access to it.









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