1:1 Workshops for Dartmoor…It’s All About You!

If you are here, the chances are you are local to Dartmoor in Devon and you’ve already experienced one of my £5 workshops.  I hope you are taking action for that thing that has been bugging you for so long!

So far in these workshops we’ve tackled several problematic issues including:

Severe anxiety first thing in the morning.

Anxiety when socialising.

Fluctuations in weight and binge eating.

Depression about job prospects.

If you’ve not yet taken me up on my offer of a £5 workshop during which we explore the thing that’s causing you a problem and create a strategy for dealing with it, email me at lauren@perceptionanxiety.com.

And for those of you who have attended a workshop and made the decision to make 2018 great but fear you are losing momentum…read on!

This year, I want to help as many people as possible so I have decided to make my coaching more accessible by opening up my services to local people for a lower price.  For those of you living on or near Dartmoor you can work on that problematic issue of yours with me as your guide for £15 an hour.  If you think back to the workshop and how much we achieved just by working out exactly what your problem was, imagine what you can do by breaking that problem down into bite-sized pieces and chewing them up!  And this is how we will do it:

1. We will delve deep into your problem by finding out what your words really mean for you.  This is important because all words have a common meaning that we all understand on the surface but then they also have a deeper meaning only understood by the person saying them.  Two people who say they have anxiety, for instance, are both using the same word even though they’re having completely different experiences.  So, it is important to clarify as many of your words as possible by asking specially worded questions that allow you to get to your answers rather than me making assumptions and taking you down a dead-end.

2. Once you fully understand your problem because you now understand what your words mean, we work out what you will achieve by solving your problem.  Sometimes we delay dealing with a problem because unconsciously it suits us to have it.  Maybe it gives us an excuse to behave a certain way or avoid doing certain things.  Working out what you will achieve by solving the problem not only creates motivation it also gives you the opportunity to find out if something else is hiding behind the problem.

3. Next we work on a strategy for solving your problem…the steps you can take that will deal with the problem in bite-sized pieces.  And I help you test the strategy with questions designed to work out whether what you want to do is possible or whether there’s an easier or better way.

Just imagine how it will feel not having this issue hanging around your neck.  What will that mean for your relationships and your life?

I’ve done my best to make it easier and cheaper for you to be pro-active and take responsibility for the things that are weighing you down so why not bite the bullet and email me at lauren@perceptionanxiety.com and start to make 2018 great.  It’s all about YOU!

Much love

Lauren <3