1:1 Online WEIRD Coaching for Female Entrepreneur Course-Creators


After talking to many female introvert entrepreneurs I know that you have daily conversations with your inner critic who tells you that…

you don’t know enough,

you learn techy-stuff too slowly,

you feel under-valued by others and yet you keep giving away free stuff,

you know that what you do isn’t easy but you find yourself telling your audience that anyone can do it,

you wear the mask of confident and self-assured entrepreneur but inside you are disorganised and on the edge.

Many of you have bought expensive courses that teach you how to create your own course but are finding that your progress is slow.  You are struggling to understand why, after buying the course felt so right, you are almost too scared to get out of bed some days!

You are scared that you have bitten off more than you can chew and keeping up the facade of the course-creating entrepreneur is wearing you out.

All your life you’ve believed that you were destined for something big but now you fear you’ve been kidding yourself all along.

Does all that sound familiar?  Would you like 2018 to be the year you publish your course?  You would?!…then read on…because…

I am so excited to be launching my new coaching service which is specifically for female entrepreneurs who are creating an online course and who probably are introverts too.  It’s new and a little weird and a little different but it works.  And the brilliant thing is it taps into your own resourcefulness. Here’s what some female entrepreneurs have said about it so far…

‘Thanks, Lauren, this was all so valuable!  This really shows me that coaching– by focusing on looking forward– is much more useful than therapy. 🙂 I think I’ll come up with some more thoughts when I sift through what we talked about. Many thanks!’  Alicia USA

‘As soon as you said ‘and what launch is that launch?’ I knew I had to dig deeper…turns out it wasn’t the launch it was my audience! Jill USA

‘At first I wondered why you kept asking me the same question and then it hit me that what I thought I knew wasn’t the whole story’ Caroline UK

‘I loved how your questions guided me to find my own answers because I can relate to them.  Then at the end we just had a chat and that clarified things even more.  The questions were kinda strange but in a good way!’ Valerie USA

Thank you so much for today it helped a lot & i shall be using the tools you have given me.  I know this is just the start….. It’s onward & upwards! Ginny UK

So…what am I offering?

A free ‘Reveal Your HIDDEN Obstacles’ 30 minute coaching call during which we reveal the hidden obstacles that are stopping you from achieving your desired outcome.  Revealing these obstacles will light the pathway of progress and relieve you of that heavy weight you have been carrying around.    Often we think we know what is slowing us down or making us procrastinate and in most coaching sessions a coach will take you in the direction that she/he believes is best for you.  My sessions are different…Weird Coaching enables you to access your unconscious thoughts and reveal what is really going on behind the scenes!

So if you are feeling frustrated right now and cannot understand why you are not making more progress book a free 30 minute ‘REVEAL YOUR HIDDEN OBSTACLES’ coaching call by clicking the link below and booking a time…



If you love this session as much as I hope and would like to make further progress please contact me at lauren@perceptionanxiety.com and we can arrange a time.

You can buy a session for £35.00 for 30 minutes.  Coaching is not Rocket Science so I do not charge Rocket Science prices! In addition I send you your coaching notes from our time together for you to refer to <3