My Why

This is me back in 2006.  I was a teaching assistant in an infants’ school and I was coming to the end of studying for a degree in Learning, Technology and Research.


When this photograph was taken I was presenting my year-long research project to my colleagues.

My research was rooted in how children learn effectively  (it’s not like this)…


and specifically focused on how parental involvement positively affects learning outcomes.


I worked with many of the parents of the children in my class.

I graduated in June 2006 with First Class Honours (my surname was Speed, back then).


The plan was to become a teacher but 6 weeks into my teacher training I changed my mind.

That decision was made early one morning in October 2006 when I woke up with the most horrendous anxiety.

I went into school that morning and informed the head-teacher that I couldn’t do it!

The anxiety that engulfed me that morning had plagued me for most of my life and is the sole reason I do what I do today.

Since that day I have actively learned more about the processes of anxiety and how it relates to lack of self-belief and self-sabotage.

I have studied Behavioural Cognitive Therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, gaining my Practitioner’s Certificate in July 2015.


Mental health is severely neglected in this country.  So my plea to you all is not to leave your anxiety to run wild in your head, believing that it will just go away.  Catch it before it catches you and ban your negative thoughts!

On this website you will find lots of  information to help you do just that.   A good place to start is here!