Dear Perception Anxiety: I’m in my 20s…

Dear Perception Anxiety, I’m in my 20s,  I’ve got a great job and I’m thinking of moving in with my boyfriend.  I should be happy but I keep worrying that I’m going to lose all my friends.  What’s wrong with me?  Kate x Dear Kate This is such a common… Read more »

Is This You? (Hint: Only seeing things in black or white like you are starring in your own 1930s melodrama!)

Picture the scenario…the sun is shining and you are having a lovely time with your other-half.  You are walking by the river hand-in-hand, drinking your favourite coffee-to-go, laughing, talking, kissing and LOVING your day! You pass by a crowd of tourists and you notice your other-half glance at one person… Read more »

Beware of the Toast!

If you find yourself with that awful life-draining sinking feeling for no apparent reason you may have stumbled across something called a Negative Anchor. A Negative Anchor is different from a Negative Thought. With Negative Anchors you find yourself feeling a certain way for no apparent reason.  You may feel… Read more »