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Feel Good About Your Empty Nest!

September is upon us and with it comes a familiar feeling of loss as children return to school after the holidays.  Those days of staying up late and getting up when you want are coming to an end and routine beckons. For some of you this will be felt more… Read more »

Beware of the Toast!

If you find yourself with that awful life-draining sinking feeling for no apparent reason you may have stumbled across something called a Negative Anchor. A Negative Anchor is different from a Negative Thought. With Negative Anchors you find yourself feeling a certain way for no apparent reason.  You may feel… Read more »

Getting to the Point

How our perception of ourselves can alter meaning Are you getting to the point? Your answer to this question will show you which direction your thoughts are running at the moment. Was your answer something like… ‘Yes, I’m feeling really focused on my goals!’ Or was it more like… ‘Yep,… Read more »