Category: Perception

A Brief Exploration of Perception

There are two schools of thought amongst psychologists when it comes to visual perception: Stay with me here I am keeping it simple… Some psychologists believe that visual perception processes rely directly on what a person sees with their eyes. Others argue that these processes are not direct but rather… Read more »

Who Will You Be Today?

Starting your day in the right way is so important.  If you are anything like I used to be, you probably do not bounce out of bed in the morning eager to start your day lol. After a several hours spent in a mix of dreams, nightmares and negative thinking… Read more »

Win your battle with conflict

Often in life we find that we follow the same path when it comes to disagreements and whatever path each of us chooses it usually doesn’t feel good. In our personal lives our disagreements with our significant others can end up with each of us hurling accusations and reminders of… Read more »