A short course all about negative thoughts and how to ditch them!

Thinking negative thoughts is something we all do!

So instead of blaming yourself for thinking them, just re-frame them with a more realistic way of thinking that won’t make you or those around you feel so bad!

Here are some short videos to help you…starting with my introduction to Ditch Your Negative Thoughts!

Here’s a summary of the 10 types of negative thoughts we all have…

Here’s a definition of what negative thoughts are…

How your perception and negative thoughts conspire against you…

Jumping to conclusions…we all do it!…here’s how not to 🙂

Do you find yourself deleting all the positive stuff?

Are you seeing life in one of only 2 ways?

This is my favourite lol…

Realising that thoughts and feelings are not facts is a game-changer!

Do you like predicting negative outcomes?

Is it all about YOU?

What about reading people’s minds…are you good at that?

How often do you make life a misery by thinking you ‘must’?

Do you like to view negatives through a looking-glass?


Please feel free to download the following Engage Pages to help you 🙂

Identify Your Negative Automatic Thoughts 1

Am I Right