Writing down your thoughts and feelings can be very cathartic and also affords you the time to really think about what you are experiencing.

I use a questioning technique  that is free from my assumptions.  So, when you write your email I have access to your exact words and I wrap my specialist questions around them so that you delve into your unconscious thoughts to find out what your words really mean to you.



Here’s an example of a recent email coaching session:

My coachee wrote:

‘I’m feeling so under pressure I’m scared I’m going to burst’

I asked her:…’And when under pressure, that’s like what?’

She wrote…’It’s like a tyre that has been over-inflated’

I asked her…’And when like a tyre that has been over-inflated…what would you like to have happen?’

She wrote…’I’d like to let the tyre down’  and then she wrote ‘I’m going to reduce the number of weeks on my live course down to 4.’

If we had remained at the surface level meaning of ‘under pressure’ we would not have found out what it specifically meant for this particular coachee.  And she would not have known almost immediately what she wanted to do.

There were other insights along the way like realising that she imagined her clients as shop display manikins.  On identifying this image she replaced each manikin with a real person and this increased her enthusiasm for creating success for each of her clients.

I also identified some negative thoughts and beliefs that she was completely unaware of.  Bringing them into her awareness enabled her to start working on them.

Coaching via email is £20 per email each with one reply from me.   Clients who use this service do so because they find it more convenient than having to book a specific time to attend a Zoom (video-conferencing) meeting.  One client told me that she usually writes her emails last thing at night whilst sitting in bed! lol.

I will always aim to reply within 24 hours.

Getting started is simple…

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