How do I get life where I want it?

How do I get life where I want it to be when my teenage years were caught up in abuse and becoming a mum?








I’ve worked hard to create a life for me and my kids but it is such a struggle and I don’t know how long I can go on like this.  How do I get life where I want it to be?


People tell me how well I am doing but it doesn’t feel that way to me.  The dream was that by now my kids would be riding their ponies and having friends for sleep-overs but I can’t even afford My Little Ponies and our house is too small for anyone but us.


I feel like giving up.  I don’t think I will ever understand…how do I get life where I want it?



Dear Chrissy

I really want you to understand what an amazing woman you are.  Despite everything that life has thrown at you, here you are, still standing!  I know that this is not how it feels to you right now and that is because all the negativity that you have absorbed over the years is building up inside you.  It makes it really hard to see the positive because the negative FEELS so bad.

So here is an action plan that will take care of your negative thought processes and help you to be strategic and answer your question…’how do I get life where I want it?’


When you notice you are dwelling on your difficulties focus on something else straight away.  You can do this by switching your attention to something else.  Read this.


Be careful about the words you use when talking about or to yourself. So wean yourself off words like should or should not, ought or ought not, must or mustn’t and never say never!.  These words will only ever limit your expectations.  So use words like could, might, may etc. Changing a sentence from ‘I will never be able to….’ to ‘I might be able to…’ is being more realistic.  Your life is long and all kinds of possibilities will appear over time to give you the answer to your question…’How do I get life where I want it?’ So don’t write yourself off!


Go from Not Want to Want. Your question is a great one in this respect…’How do I get life where I want it?’ is very pro-active and definitely focuses on what you want rather than what you don’t want.  The more you can do that the better!


Sit down and brainstorm what you want from your life. So write ‘How do I get life where I want it?’ in the centre of a piece of paper and write it ALL down with NO censorship.  Then make a list of everything you wrote and prioritise it.  Which of those things could you achieve say in 3 months and what could be achieved in 6 months and so on.


Remember this phrase coined by Marie Forleo…’Progress not Perfection’ meaning that none of this needs to be done perfectly but it does need to be done! By doing, you will start to move forward bit by bit and this will add to your self-belief.  In this way you will find the answer to ‘How do I get life where I want it?’ 🙂

So start today!

With admiration,

Perception Anxiety


And as an extra help with all this you can join my Facebook Group: The Miss Guides for 20-Something Women Who Seek Deeper Meaning.  In there you will find like-minded young women who know they want more from their lives and intend to get it!  You also get free coaching from me! 🙂


Go and check it out today…what have you got to lose?


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