If you wake up each morning feeling fear and panic you are probably making this common mistake.

If you wake up each morning feeling fear and panic you are probably making this common mistake.

No doubt you have scoured the internet trying to find a solution not realising where you are going wrong.


What is your first thought when you wake?

I bet it’s not…

’Ahh…another WONDERFUL day!…I wonder what AMAZING contributions I will make today?’

It’s probably more like…


’Well, you won’t get THAT done today! You don’t feel like it so you won’t do it!  And you’d be hopeless at it anyway, so why bother!’

I’ve been there and it’s HORRID!

I bet too that you have tried all sorts of ways to stop this…and they haven’t worked. Am I right?

I KNOW how scary this is.  It feels like an alien has taken over your mind and body, rendering you incapable of rational thought.

So, what do you do when your first experience of the day is one that makes you feel like curling up and dying?


It’s not easy!  All you want is to wake up and feel normal and for a split second, you do!  But then that first stomach churn takes hold and fear starts coursing through your veins.  And so far nothing you’ve tried has worked.

There are two explanations for this..

  1. denial…and
  2. a rubbish mind-set.

Denial stems from your belief that the problem will go away as mysteriously as it appeared and the rubbish mind-set means you are unable to take solutions on board.

Think about it! What have you ever achieved with a rubbish mind-set?

Are you really going to say to yourself ‘Come on now, just think positively?’

No, of course not!  You can’t!  Your brain is temporarily parked facing the wrong way in a one way street with a no entry sign.

one way

This is NOT YOUR FAULT!  It doesn’t mean you are useless, or lazy, or pathetic, or any other unbelievably insulting thing you tell yourself. But if you wake up each morning feeling fear and panic you are probably making this common mistake.

YOU are a GREAT person but with this grey cloud looming over you every morning, you don’t feel great!

grey cloud

You need to blow this grey cloud away.

So here’s a list of 10 things that will significantly reduce your anxiety but it’s the very last one that will GET YOU UP AND OUT of the house!


1.Give guided meditation  or hypnosis  a go last thing before you go to sleep.  At the very least you will get much better quality sleep which will help with your anxiety levels.  And it will help keep you relaxed during the day if you tend to have stressful moments then too.  Over time meditation or hypnosis practised regularly will reduce your general anxiety levels.

2.Use guided meditation or hypnosis when you wake.  Set your alarm clock for 20 minutes earlier and listen to it before you get up.  This will help to calm you during the 30 minutes your cortisol  levels are rising.  It is an excellent way to divert your attention if you have difficulty ignoring those negative thoughts that bubble up.

alarm clock

3.Use a pleasant tone for your alarm rather than a jarring one.  This will help you wake up more gently rather than being jolted out of your slumber.  It’s a small thing but it could make a big difference!


4.Avoid food, alcohol, caffeine and sugar after 8pm.  But you can have some oat cakes just before you sleep…these are easy to digest and will help keep your blood sugar levels even through the night.  There is some research to say that low blood sugar contributes to the feelings of panic when you wake.


5.DON’T beat yourself up about having anxiety in the morning…accept it…for now at least and know that you are doing something about it.  Feeling anxious about feeling anxious won’t help! And don’t label yourself as anxious…yes you become anxious but it doesn’t own you.  You are YOU…not your anxiety!


6.Is there anything in your daily life that is causing this anxiety?  Is it your job, your home life, a relationship? If it is something in your daily life then it will have to be addressed…this is what your anxiety is telling you!  So the other suggestions will definitely help but ultimately it will remain until you acknowledge where your pain is coming from and sort it.


7.If you are menopausal  or think you might be…get your oestrogen levels checked as a drop in oestrogen can increase your anxiety levels.


8.If you are going to watch tv or use your iPad or other technology when you are in bed, avoid watching or listening to something that is too stimulating. So no flashing images, loud noises, unpleasant/scary images etc.


9.Have a plan…Make 2 lists, one for your morning routine from the moment you wake and one for things that can be done at other times. Then follow your plan…NO MATTER WHAT!  And when you wake, DON’T think about how you feel, DON’T lay in bed going over the day ahead, DON’T make any decisions other than to follow your plan.

And here’s the final one:


10.If you wake up each morning feeling fear and panic you are probably making this common mistake…


If you wake up each morning feeling fear and panic you are probably making this common mistake.

And somewhere at the back of your mind you believe that this is your lot in life.

I suspect too that when you have a flare-up of your symptoms you start looking for answers again and again, hoping to find the elusive magic wand that when waved will remove your anxiety in one puff of smoke.

Well, it ain’t gonna happen my friend! But while you believe it will you will continue to have a problem with anxiety.

With the above list you CAN significantly reduce

your morning anxiety…

but you HAVE to take CONTROL and be PRO-ACTIVE.

It’s NOT magic or rocket science.

YOU are required to make an effort for your own mental well-being.

YOU have the information…

now APPLY IT!…




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