The Lesson They Didn’t Teach You In School

Now that you’ve watched my video…what can you do with this information?

You can team it up with the knowledge that we all need a good enough reason for doing something.

Some reasons come from within us…we are motivated from the inside.

And some reasons come from outside of us…we are motivated by external sources.

I think most of us would agree that for the vast majority of our time at school we were motivated by external sources. Rarely did I sit in a lesson thinking ‘Wow! I really want to learn this!’  I learned because my teachers and parents told me I had to.  I learned because I was scared of the consequences of not passing my exams.

A lot of my learning was rooted in a fear of failure.  And some of my learning was rooted in a fear of success…what might be asked of me if I got the right answer.

Fear of anything, whilst motivating, is not a great way to learn.

By the time we leave full-time education, however, we are firmly attached to our fears.

And once we are out in the ‘big wide world’ our fears persist in the workplace.  If we fail its humiliating and if we succeed we get more to do!

Some of us eventually decide to leave the world of employment and swap being bossed for being our own boss in an effort to release ourselves from our fears.

But, fear is still with us.

Fear will always be with us because it is ingrained.  It is how we learned at school…it’s how we learned at home and it’s how we came into this world.   Fear is a part of us and it keeps us safe.

Once we accept this we can relax.  It’s not our fault.  We are not weak.  We are not automatons.  We ARE human.

So, when whatever it is you want to achieve gets difficult remember this…

  1. It’s difficult because you are in Stage 2 of the learning process…conscious incompetence.  Keep your foot on the gas and it WILL get easier.
  2. It’s difficult because of fear.  All fear wants is to keep you safe.  Put fear in the passenger seat and show it that by driving safely all will be well.

The other thing they didn’t teach us at school is that it’s not all about getting the right answer…it’s much more about all the stuff we learn when we are working towards the right answer.