I want to use this page to educate about perception in an entertaining way.  So, because of that it may take some time to build its content…there’s lots of stuff that educates out there but not all of it is entertaining.  Coming from an educational background, the state school system in the UK, I know how boring content undermines learning.  Being forced to make a lesson bland through lack of time can be worse than not doing the lesson at all…because it switches learning off!

You will probably find several Ted Talks on here.  I do love them.  There are few things more inspiring than a knowledgeable person speaking charismatically and enthusiastically on the subject about which they are passionate!

Here’s what I have found so far…ENJOY 🙂


This is the subject of this funny and insightful Ted Talk by Jenna McCarthy.  But I would like to add that I would include any couple who is spending their life together…not just those that have a marriage certificate…



Not a lot to ask…but much more of an issue than you might think.  Here is a Ted Talk that will challenge those who think in black or white.  The speaker, Ivan Coyote, does an excellent job of illustrating that life isn’t just those 2 colours.  Even if YOU want it to be, what about those around you, how might there lives be different with a bit of technicolour?

Five Minute Mindfulness video

Watch this and it will help you to reduce your anxiety levels.  I would say watch it at various points in your day regardless of your anxiety levels…it’s only 5 minutes.  Keep your eyes open initially so that you can read the very simple instructions and bear in mind that the sound of the bell does disappear before it rings again.  It will be obvious when the session finishes so just close your eyes and concentrate on the sound of the bell 🙂


Make stress your friend

A Ted Talk that illustrates what a change in perception can do.  Stress is only bad for you if you believe it is!

Perception and why it is important

A must for everyone to watch 🙂 Success stems from happiness and NOT the other way round!

This is what my website is about.  If we can change the way we perceive what is going on around us then we can live happier and more productive lives 🙂

Choose a song to help you change your perception of the beginning of your day

I’ve just found this site and have used it to find a motivational song, which is #26 on the list, to start my mornings with:

Have a look and find your ‘feel good anthem’ to start your day 🙂