The Ban Negative Thinking Pathway


Will it transform your life? No! 

Will it enable YOU to transform your life? YES!

Read's worth it! I promise!

Hello, I'm Lauren Riesner...Online Thought Teacher for go-getting women who want their inside to match their outside! I'm passionate about creating thoughts that make you forge ahead even when you want to curl up and cry! The way I do it though is a little different because... 

I know what it's like to live with adults with serious emotional problems,

I know what it's like to stay in a marriage for my children, 

I know what it's like to experience the death of loved ones, 

I know what it's like to be having an affair whilst married, 

I know what it's like to divorce, 

I know what it's like to choose myself over my children, 

I know what it's like to go through all my money and have to do a job I hate, 

I know what it's like to conduct a new relationship and try to keep my children, my elderly father and my new man happy, 

I know what it's like to introduce the idea that I am a woman who enjoys sex to my older teenage children, 

I know what it's like to not want to get up each morning and contemplate a world without me instead.

My life has definitely had its ups and downs but much of it would have been easier or avoided completely if I'd not been the Queen of negative thinking! Having said is BECAUSE I've had all these experiences and it's BECAUSE I experienced them in the way I did, that means I'm just the right woman to show YOU a different way.

But enough of me, let's put YOU centre-stage!

Feel like you're PRETENDING to be someone you're not?

Lay awake worrying about EVERYTHING?

Tired of DRAGGING yourself through every day?

SCARED that you can't keep up the pretence for much longer?

ASHAMED that you should feel grateful but you don't?

Always wishing life was DIFFERENT?

I recognise all of that and I know that all of it can be dealt with, once you recognise your negative thoughts. For me that recognition came when I was forced to attend a mental health clinic. The simplicity of it amazed me and the knowledge I gained from it enabled me to transform my life!

Ready to begin the transformation of yours?

Let's find out!

Download my free pdf...The Ban Negative Thinking Pathway. It's short and it will start you on your pathway to thinking differently because thinking differently is what you need to do to transform your life.

To get it you will have to give me your first name and email address because I don't give away the hours of thought it took me to create it for women who are not serious about getting their lives together.

Once I have your name and email address you will not only receive...

  • The six easy steps to knowing when negativity is pulling your strings.
  • They types of negative thoughts YOU are thinking.
  • The 3 mistakes most women make when trying to think positively. 

But most importantly you will get:

  • My short, weekly trainings sent straight to your in-box to keep you on track. I give away many of my templates during these trainings which you can download as many times as you like.

In addition, when you stay in touch with me by joining my email list you become one of the women who will be the first to find out when I have created something new. 

And let me say this...I am a quiet introvert...I do not bombard my loyal followers with emails because I HATE it when that happens to me! You will get one email a week and within that once a week model you will learn all I have to tell you that week :-)

To get this final gift from me you will need to confirm your email address. I will ask you to confirm this via an email. Please look out for it because it might not go to your main in-box.  

If you do not confirm you want my weekly trainings, I will not send them to you. This is because I choose to comply with data security regulations and because I believe that when YOU have to make an effort to get something, you UP your chances of success.

I'm so looking forward to meeting you on your pathway to banning your negative thoughts!

Much love,

Lauren <3