Weird Coaching

I believe that:

Working alone is better.

You are far more capable than you think.

Your future is controlled by the images in your mind.

This is what I do:

I work with female entrepreneurs who are one-woman shows.  You are hardworking and you don’t like to accept help from anyone.  As a one-woman show myself I know exactly how you feel and I also know that you do not need an extrovert coach who is focused on their own image.  A coach like that will lead you in their direction.  You, however, want a thoughtful coach who will work diligently to enable you to understand yourself better and to show you how to access your own resources.  Once you have fully plundered your own resources, that may be the time for an extrovert coach 😉

I show you how to access the knowledge and experience filed away in your unconscious mind.  Knowing what you already have stashed away in your memory bank will save you time and money.  And if you are not sure that you do have anything stashed away, just hum a song you’ve not heard in a while and see what memories it conjures up for you!  Your brain is amazing and it saves everything safely under lock and key.  In this way no one else can gain access to it.  The problem is neither can you without some sort of trigger.  I provide the trigger!

I show you how to become aware of the images playing in your unconscious mind and turn them from disaster movies to success stories.  We all have these images playing in our minds but they are often fleeting so that all we are aware of is the feeling they leave behind…good or bad!  Again, this is your unconscious mind keeping your memories and belief systems safe but when you gain access to them you can decide which ones to keep and which ones to throw on the cutting-room floor.  I show you how to build your library of success stories which will enable you to cope with the inevitable anxiety that comes with being an entrepreneur.

This is how I do it:

You send me an email at and join my platform where you get access to my free teaching. Or you can join it by filling in your details for The U Factor on the right of this page.  The U Factor is a daily email containing a short alternative way of looking at common issues that is refreshing and not an energy drain.  This new way of thinking will, over time, give you more flexibility of thought and mental resilience.

Contained within The U Factor are links to my free teaching videos, my website and my paid coaching.  But…I will never sell to you.  If you want coaching from me that’s great and I will give you opportunities to do so but if you don’t you still get what I teach…it’s free.  Here is an example of what you will get…click on it to get a better view…and click again to zoom in 🙂

What is Weird Coaching?

Weird Coaching  uses specifically designed questions that include your exact words to enable you to access your unconscious thoughts. In this way you tap into the wealth of knowledge you already have.  The advantage of this is that you find out what you already know before you waste time and money getting it from somewhere else.

My method of coaching is based on Clean Language devised by psychologist David Grove in the 1980s.  It is orientated towards the person being coached rather than being a showcase for how wonderful the coach is.

Once you decide that you would like my Weird Coaching…

You can work with me either via email or Zoom (video conferencing).

You tell me what you think your problem is and I help you access the unconscious thoughts that reveal what your problem really is.

I show you a way of solving your problem that is in alignment with you.

My fees:

My fees are based on my belief that when you are just starting out you should not be paying for expensive coaching.  I’ve been there and quite frankly the advice I got was not worth the amount I was charged.  It was definitely worth paying for…just not the amount I paid.

So, my fees are:

£50 per 50 minutes on Zoom.

£12 per email (with one reply from me)

No packages…it’s a pay-as-you-go service.

I work on my own, have very few over-heads and cannot abide the greediness of some other coaches.  Coaching is not a vocation if you are overcharging.


Here is a link to post in my Facebook profile where some of my coachees have been kind enough to tell me what they think of my coaching!

The one and only thing you need to do now is:

Contact me on or fill in your details on the right and I will add you to my platform so that you get my daily emails and access to my free teaching and paid coaching service.  The rest is up to you!

Lauren <3