Who Will You Be Today?

Starting your day in the right way is so important.  If you are anything like I used to be, you probably do not bounce out of bed in the morning eager to start your day lol.

After a several hours spent in a mix of dreams, nightmares and negative thinking we need to get in touch with who we really are again.  Many of us do this by telling ourselves how useless we are!

You know what I mean…you’re standing in the shower and thinking about the day ahead.  You imagine all the negative outcomes, all your negative feelings and you may even have a conversation with yourself…

…’Well, if she does that again today I’m going to tell her just what I think!’


‘I’m not getting the shopping today, why should I, he never does!’

Every word is designed to keep you from progressing in your life.

Every word is keeping you in your place.

And you are starting your day with all this inside you.

You wouldn’t greet a long-lost friend like this.  You wouldn’t greet them with a long face and then proceed to tell them all about their short-comings.  You would be thrilled to see them and they would be thrilled to see you and it would feel great!

Like you this person is only human but you like them and respond positively to their presence.  So tomorrow morning why not greet yourself like a long-lost friend.  Tell yourself how great you are, imagine your day unfolding successfully and hear yourself expressing your needs in an assertive but friendly manner.

Try it and I guarantee you will feel so much better when you step out of that shower!  You could even use walking through the shower door/curtain to present yourself within a new persona.

Something like…

…’Today Matthew, I am going to be…’

Choose a celebrity role model or someone you admire and would like to be like.  For anyone who doesn’t know Matthew is Matthew Kelly and he presented…Stars in their Eyes  an entertainment show where ordinary people could become their celebrity idol.

Don’t leave this persona behind when you leave the house.  Think how this person would behave, how they would carry themselves and what their expectations would be.

Practise this every morning until you have found the persona(s) that works for you.  As you practise, your unconscious brain will begin to recognise the process and it will become a habit; a much better habit than the one where you sabotage your day by rubbishing yourself.

Go on, give it a go…who will you be today? 🙂


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